Three Maryland Cities And Their Top Three Restaurants

Maryland is both a wonderful and beautiful state to call home and a place for Vacationers. You have places like Ocean City, Baltimore, Frederick, Rockville and more. As you travel around to these different cities or pick one to call home, it would be nice to know what some of the best restaurants are. Let’s do what we’ve been doing with the other states and visit some cities, taking a quick look at their top three restaurants.

The first city is Rockville, and the first restaurant we are going to take a look at is Silver Diner. Silver Diner is located on Rockville Pike, and they have so unique eats. Have you ever had bison huevos rancheros? That sounds different for sure, and then there is a great citrus salad on the menu according to reviews. They call this place fabulous and fun, but there are plenty of other restaurants in Rockville, like Myknonos Grill.

Mykonos Grill is located on Congressional Lane, and you’re talking delicious Greek salads, lamb and much more. One more popular restaurant in Rockville is Founding Farmers, which is located on Park Potomac Avenue. According to the reviews, Founding Farmers serves up some delicious fried chicken. The next city we are going to travel to is Bethesda, Maryland.

Bethesda is home to many restaurants, too, as you can imagine. Woodmont Grill is on Woodmont Avenue, and you can enjoy menu items there like ribs, steak and crab cakes. One reviewer says that this restaurant has the best burger in Bethesda. Prime rib is another one of the menu highlights. Two other top Bethesda restaurants include Chef Tony’s on Saint Elmo Avenue and Jaleo on Woodmont Avenue.

Columbia, Maryland is the next city we are going to visit. Royal Taj is the #1 establishment there, and it is located on Benson Drive. Then there is Stanford Grill on Stanford Boulevard and Chutney Indian Restaurant on Snowden River Parkway. All three of these top Columbia restaurants are a little different from what you might expect.

You are going to have some delicious meals traveling throughout Maryland. You will have to make sure that you keep an eye out for these top establishments. Maybe we will have a chance to visit some more top restaurants in Maryland cities soon, we will see. For now, you have some good times waiting for you in Bethesda, Columbia and Rockville, Maryland.